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Furby Boom – ZigZAg


furby boom

As part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme we were sent the Furby Boom Sweet Zig Zag to review.(link it to It was not a toy that the boys had ever shown an interest in purchasing but when I told them we would be reviewing it they were excited and knew what they were and what they did. When we received the Furby, I must admit it did look quite sweet in a “Gizmo from Gremlins”kind of way. It requires 4AA batteries to work and as I hadn’t got any in the boys had to wait a few days for me to get some. You will also need to download the app from itunes or google play as this furby interacts with your ipad or similar device. The boys chose the name Ah-Tah for our Furby and got to playing with it straight away.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen>

This is where I realised I am lagging behind with current technology. The boys knew exactly what to do with him straight away. They were excited to be showering him and inspecting his poop! I looked on confused. They chuckled when a duck went down the toilet and used virtual air freshener to make the toilet smell nice.


There is a screen so that you can check the well being of your Furby. As you can see here Ah-Tah is currently unhappy and in need of the toilet.


furby care


A Quick x-ray showed he also had “difurrhoea” which could apparently could be solved with by giving him something sticky (which seemed to be polos and cola.)




As well as the looking after the general well being of your Furby you can play games with it. If you pull his tail he will shoot a goal in the football game.There are also virtual Furblings that play more games.


furby game

You can buy things with Furby Bucks which you earn by playing games. Confused yet? Well I am but my 6 year old isn’t and seems to know exactly what to do.

One word of warning. Don’t let your child take the Furby to bed with them as if they roll over onto it in the middle of the night it will start speaking!

Thanks to Louise for this review. 


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