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Lego City Cargo Heliplane


Wee Z love Lego, especially sets that he can sit and build himself and then take apart and use the Lego to make his own creations. His current favourite thing to do with Lego is make flags or words. He was delighted that we received the Lego City Cargo Heliplane to review.

This Lego set is suitable for ages 5 and over and includes 3 minifgures and a dog as part of the set. Miss C immediately found the dog and contented herself playing with him whilst Wee Z got ready to build.

Wee Z managed to build most of the set himself. The only thing he needed help with was the string that connects to the hook to lift up the cargo and the quad bike. The full thing took him about an hour to put together.

Once completed, Wee Z enjoyed “flying” the heliplane around his room, sitting the pilot inside the cockpit and trying to attach his cargo on to the hook. The other minifigures, the lumberjacks, took it in turns to ride the quadbike. The wings on the heliplane spin so this gives another play factor to this set.

This set is great for imaginative play and role play. The Lego pieces are well made and durable (as we’ve found out on the many occasions we’ve stepped on a piece!) and, once pieced together, some parts are pretty hard to prise apart. However, there are some weaker bits that, if you apply to much pressure, will fall off or apart.

This is a good sized set for the price. I’ve always found the Lego City sets to be better value for money than the licensed Lego sets but, of course, they will always be more expensive. This is an excellent birthday or Christmas present idea because there is enough to do in this set to keep your child occupied for some time but it isn’t overly expensive.

Wee Z loves this Lego set however it has already been deconstructed and made in to something else. Luckily we’ve kept the instructions should he want to build it again.

This review was written by Laura who blogs at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy you can follow her on Twitter as @LauraCYMFT



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