Toys R Us Toy Box

Tomy Battroborg 2 Pack and Arena

I received battroborg arena as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme.




As soon as my 6 old son caught a glimpse at the box he was excited to get them set up and use. Everything is well packaged and is very impressive to look at everything just waiting to be set up.


To set them up was really easy and took very little time, the instructions that came with it were very easy to follow plus has diagrams to help just in case. The charging of the robots and setting the arena up was simple and even my son helped. Its takes around 20 minutes to charge the robots, once you have them at full charge you pair them with a controller. The pairing of the robots is really simple and with lights of the robots telling you if they have, making it simple for a child to do.


The robots are really impressive and well made; they also come with stickers so you can customize your robot so my son loved making his robot look how he wanted. If your child is really into robots and enjoys the battroborg arena then it may be worth getting the different robots as you can buy separately different robots.



There are 3 modes: Arena Mode, where you battle other robots. Gauntlet mode, where you fight one on one by changing the arena set up and training mode where you fight against the 4 drones included in the set.


The only down side to this toy is that the controls can be frustrating to use. There are no forward or backwards controls so you can only use the controller to punch left or right which make the robots jerk forwards, which can take a while to get used to. So would recommend using gauntlet mode till you get used to the controls.




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