Toys R Us Toy Box

Tomy Neil The Seal


Neil the Seal is a push along toy which cleverly picks up a ball and flips it on to his nose, which then spins around whilst pushing him along.

This toy encourages toddlers to walk and use there balance to control Neil and get rewarded by balancing the ball. Such an easy product to set up, less than 30 seconds to clip in the handle and your ready to go!

It is made from very strong, chunky, durable plastic, i did expect it to be cheap and flimsy but its far from that.
Easy for your toddler to push forward and collect the ball, once the ball is collected my toddler dashes off really quickly laughing.
Sometimes he cant quite catch the ball an decides to put the ball on the seals nose himself lol.

My son has been playing with this toy for a few weeks now and wont leave it alone,we even took it shop the other day lol. It never broke and with stood my son even having a tantrum and hitting it on the pavement then chucking it on the grass.

The only bad point i find is he always try to walk straight with it but then it folds forward and than he gets frustrated with it when that happens.All in all i think this is an excellent buy for any toddler to have fun with, aimed at 18 months and up my 3 year old also loves to play with it.

Thanks to Sarah for this review. 


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